T R I B U T E    W A L L
Samuel Boardman
(CT) 1780Private Samuel BoardmanBorn 9 March 1751 in Middlesex, CT, Boardman was at the Battle of Bunker Hill, known as one of the rail fence men. He mustered into Captain Humphrey’s Co. in May 1778. fell ill in Ely’s Co. in February 1780, transferred to the 6th Regt. Captain Asa Lay’s Company in September where he was still hospitalized and died of camp distemper on 24 September 1780 at age 29. Never getting to see his wife and 3 young children during those last 2 years, their only communication were messages given from his fellow soldiers home on leave.

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Jesse Earl
(CT) 1778Private Jesse EarlEarl served in the 3rd Regt. Captain Wills Clifts Co. He enlisted on 29 April 1777 for 3 years and was reported sick at Fishkill from 14 September 1778 until his death, the “exact date unknown,” but “presumed to be Oct 15th” at the age of 17. His brother William, enlisted months before Jesse and died 4 months after him, leaving their parents Moses and Mary Earl of Pomfret CT without child.

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Hezekiah Webb
(CT) 1779Private Hezekiah WebbWebb enlisted March 1777 in the 2nd Regiment Captain Mills Company. He was reported sick at Fishkill from 15 September 1778, then transferred to Captain Roger Aldens Company while still sick at Fishkill, mustered as such until being reported “Dead, time unknown” in May 1779.

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Josiah Graves Sr.
(MA) 1777√ Private Josiah Graves Sr.Josiah Graves Sr. and his son, Josiah Jr. both enlisted March 1, 1777 in Captain Watson's Company, Col. Greaton's 3rd Massachusetts Regiment. Both were taken ill with Small Pox, Josiah Jr. came close to death but recovered. The Muster Roll taken in September 1777, states Josiah Graves Sr. died on July 25, 1777 yet the Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolutionary War archive sites July 20, 1777 a difference of 5 days. The letter of Dr. Ledyard (Fishkill) to Dr. Cutter (Peekskill) leads us to trust the latter date.

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John Jackman
(MA) 1779√ Sergeant John JackmanSgt. Jackman served in Col. Ebenezer's Corp of Artillery and Crane's Artillery. He was promoted from Matross to Sergeant on August 4, 1778. He was listed as sick from Sep. 1778 through December of that year. In July 1779, he is reported sick again at Fishkill hosptial and dead the following month.

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Zachariah Beal
(NH) 1777√ Captain Zachariah BealCaptain Beal was killed at Fishkill during a mutiny attempt on 7 Nov 1777. He left behind a wife and two children. May he rest in peace.

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Josiah Comstock
(NH) 1779Private Josiah ComstockComstock enlisted on 20 April 1778 for 3 years at the age of 18. He joined the 3rd New Hampshire, Captain Ellis’ Company. He collected a Bounty of £ 20. His hometown, Gilsum, NH had 49 males over the age of 16 in 1775 and 20 of them went off to war. Private Comstock was sick at Fishkill from July 1778 until he died 18 January 1779.

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Robert Downs
(NH) 1779Private Robert DownsNew Hampshire 2nd Rgt Capt. Moses Dustin's Company. Downs enlisted in Captain Blodgett’s Company on 12 November 1776, mustered 21 February 1777 for 3 years. He received £ 20 in State Bounty. He was from Hampton, NH. Downs was sick at Fishkill from September 1778 until he died 1 Jan 1779. There is a note in his Service Record that says: "The Balance due to the Heirs of Robert Downs who was a Private 7th Co. 2 Rt New Hamp. Line appears to be forty six pounds, four shillings and four pence. Ex Josiah Gilman Jun."

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Henry Glover
(NH) 1779Henry GloverGlover died (in service) at Fishkill in November 1779. “There were at least two – perhaps three – soldiers by this name, and their records are conflicting. It is certain a Henry Glover lived in Hillsborough at the breaking out of the war, and he served in Capt. John Moore’s Company, Stark’s regiment, at Bunker Hill as drummer. He was killed in this battle. A soldier by this name was credited to New Boston at a later date. Henry Glover’s name does not appear in the Hillsborough records after 1776, so he was probably the one killed at Bunker Hill. A Henry Glover from this vicinity died (in service) at Fishkill, N.Y. in November, 1779.”

Sources: “The History of Hillsborough, N.H., 1735 – 1921,” by George Waldo Brown, Volume I, page 142. Published by John B. Clarke Company, 1921. Harvard College Library.
Jonathan Judgkins
(NH) 1778Private Jonathan "Jack" JudgkinsJudgkins was born in 1758 and came from Barnstead, New Hampshire. He had a dark complexion, dark hair, dark eyes. 5 ft 6" tall. He first mustered into 1st New Hampshire Regiment Capt. Amos Morrill Company on 1 July 1777. Hugh Thornton (see NH) was also in this company. Jack was left sick at Fishkill some time between September 1777 and January 1778 when his Company marched to Valley Forge. He remained at Fishkill sick until his death on 4 March 1778 at the age of 20.

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Hugh Thornton
(NH) 1778Private Hugh Thornton1st New Hampshire Regt- Thornton enlisted on 8 March 1777. He was from Merrimack, NH which borders Bedford, his birthplace on 5 May 1759, the son of William Thornton. He was left sick by his regiment at Fishkill 10 Jan 1778, died either 10 Feb 1778 or 1 March 1778 Fishkill at the age of 19. The Regimental Records show he was discharged on 1 March 1778.

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Henry Godwin
(NY) 1782Captain Henry GodwinSon of Captain Abraham Godwin (NJ), Henry was a lawyer near Fishkill prior to the war. He served in the 5th NY Regiment, captured at the Battle of Fort Montgomery, 6 October 1777. His 2 young brothers escaped capture. He was placed on a prison ship in NY Harbor, exchanged in 1780, continued to serve his country until his death on 10 March 1782. Herny is buried near his father.

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Bethlehem Ralls
(VA) 1779√ Private Bethlehem RallsThe son of Edward Ralls and Mary Raleigh of Stafford County, Virginia, Bethlehem enlisted in Feb. 1778 for 1 year. He served in the 3rd, 4th and 7th Virginia Consolidated Regiments. Ralls was listed as sick from Sep. through Apr. 1779 at Fishkill. Family histories on Ancestry.com mention a letter written by his brother who mentioned Bethlehem died at either Peekskill or Fishkill, which is also referenced in his brother Kenaz's pension file. * For this reason, Private Bethlehem Ralls will remain a notable until we can verify where he died.

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