Historical and Genealogical Researchers!

As a researcher and a vital part of our team, we ask that you read documents, take notes, source the material, copy or photograph documents if possible, and email it to us for future use in a digitized collection of material about the Fishkill Supply Depot.

Memorial Day

At this time we are trying to identify as many men as possible who died and are buried in the cemetery. In the process of this research, we are learning so much about life at the Depot and during the Revolutionary War - you can too! It is fascinating research.

We look at Muster Rolls, Orderly Books, Quartermaster Records, Histories, Military Journals and Diaries, Service & Pension records and so much more. There could be important information in county histories or memoirs in small libraries or repositories anywhere in the country that might help us.

We need help researching the family trees of those who final resting place is the sacred ground at Fishkill Supply Depot and hopefully locating living descendants. Those descendants that we have found now have a profound connection to the FSD.

With your help we can honor those men who gave their lives for our country and have rested in Fishkill for so many years without the individual recognition they deserve. And with your help we can collect enough information so the country will know the importance of the Fishkill Supply Depot and help us save this historic landmark for future generations to come.

Please contact our research team today! Send inquires to: FOFSD Research team
and you'll be on your way to honoring the brave men of the Fishkill Supply Depot.

Thank you!


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