“To all American soldiers, past and present, your commitment and dedication to our country's integrity and freedom is greatly appreciated. You make us feel proud. You make our world a better place to live by bringing peace. God bless you all!

October 21, 2022 - The Friends of the Fishkill Supply Depot was disappointed but not surprised by the Town of Fishkill Town Board abdication of its responsibility to the people of Fishkill by voting to decline an appeal of the New York State Supreme Court ruling regarding approval for sewer and water for Continental Commons.

The developer, Domenic Broccoli, still needs to submit plans for sewer and water extension and it must be approved by the Dutchess County Department of Health. The last 10 acres of the Fishkill Supply Depot and Soldiers cemetery remains undeveloped, and we remain focused on our goal stopping the destruction of hallowed ground.

The Fishkill Town Board has given up on the fight to protect the Supply Depot but we have NOT! We have won the court of public opinion and now we pivot from the town of Fishkill to the County of Dutchess.

Thanks to your support to the Legal Defense Fund, we have an Article 78 Appeal in the courts. As we wait for a decision, we will continue to raise public awareness of the devastating impact of Continental Commons with an aggressive campaign. Over the next few months, the Friends of the Fishkill Supply Depot and our supporters will be:

At this critical moment, we appeal for your continued financial support of our fight to save this Revolutionary Site of national significance. Your support for over a decade has prevented the bulldozers from rolling over history. The soldiers of the Continental Army suffered and persevered through extraordinary hardship that ultimately ended in victory. After nearly 250 years, it is our hope that the Continental Soldiers who served and are buried at Fishkill will ultimately get the recognition that they deserve. In the next few months, look for emails from us to sign petitions, share on social media, email elected officials and join us for public demonstrations.

For volunteer opportunities as well as to make financial contributions click the yellow donation button. Thank you for your generosity and support.

Rob Buccheri Co-President FOFSD
Keith Reilly Co-President FOFSD
and the Friends of the Fishkill Supply Depot Board

Drastic Times Call For Drastic Measures!

January 2022 - A note from the Webmaster: For the last 10 years, I have authored and maintained this website for the Friends of the Fishkill Supply Depot. During that time, I have grown to admire our members and am continually amazed at their steadfast pursuit of the organizational mission which advocates for the "Preservation, Study, and Proper Interpretation of the Fishkill Supply Depot and Encampment."

Unfortunately, there are those who would have you believe otherwise and they have taken drastic measures to achieve just that. Do not be deceived and always believe the truth will come out in the end. Developer Accuses Critics of Racketeering By Liz Schevtchuk Armstrong

Our mission statement: Advocating the Preservation, Study, and Proper Interpretation of the "National Register" Fishkill Supply Depot and Encampment.

(L to R) FOFSD board members Keith Reilly, Tim Middlebrook, Ann Shershin, Lance Ashworth and Rob Buccheri after the Adopt-a-highway cleanup event in May 2021, alongside Route 9 and the historic FSD.

Two new soldiers identified as died in Fishkill!

Fishkill, NY (December 2020)– An historical researcher studying Revolutionary War records has identified two (2) soldiers, both Virginians, who died in Fishkill: Private Thomas Hensey (also appearing as Henesy; Hensee; and Henesee) was a member of Captain William Vause’s company of the newly-reorganized 8th Virginia Regiment. Hensey was reported as “sick at Fishkill” in both the company muster roll and payroll record for September 1778; on the muster roll for October 1778, which was taken at Camp Middlebrook, NJ on December 19, 1778, Hensey is listed as having died on October 1 st , an event also recorded in his payroll record for the same month.

Also discovered as having perished in Fishkill is Private Robert Brightmore, a member of Captain Wallace’s company, also of the 8 th Virginia Regiment. Brightmore was one of two soldiers who appeared on the September 1778 muster roll as “sick at Fishkill.” Believed to have remained in the Fishkill hospital, Brightmore was listed as having died on November 1, 1778 according to a muster roll taken by his unit later at Camp Middlebrook, NJ.

The discovery of patriots Hensey and Brightmore brings the total number of men identified as having perished at the Fishkill encampment to 90, a number which includes 3 Canadians, 2 African-Americans, and 1 Frenchman. Two (2) German mercenary soldiers (who fought for the British) are also known to have perished at Fishkill. See more on our Tribute page.

Help us continue our research by visiting our GoFundMe page

Virginia soldiers' information updated with help from descendant!

Framed Putnam Pass

Pay slip of Private Martin Russell. (click for larger image)

July 2020 - It's always great to hear from people who are direct descendants of our soldiers. Their stories draw a connection from the colonial days to our modern era. Sometimes new infomation is brought to light as in the case of Private Martin Russell of Virginia. In his service record posted on Fold3, his enlistment date was recorded as April 6, 1778. Private Russell was in 10th VA regiment and that unit was part of a grand VA shake up that happened in October of 1778 at White Plains.

In the 10th Virginia's case the regiment got renumbered to the 6th VA. His company's leadership changed in that part of this shake up was to cut back on the officer structure. His company was then led by the Regimental Colonel and so no longer had a Captain. Because of the change in regimental structure, Private Russell's true enlisted date was lost in the shuffle. Therefore, we are pleased to thank Thomas Meyer for contacting us and forwarding the document seen here which verifies his original enlistment date as 7 September 1777 and shows payment of $52.20 for 8 months of service during the Revolutionary War.

Welcome home Private Frisby!

An historical researcher studying the service records and pension files of Revolutionary War veterans has identified an additional soldier who perished at the Fishkill Supply Depot. His name was Private Abiel Frisby, an enlisted man in Captain Stoddard's company of the 8th Connecticut Regiment, which was commanded by Colonel John Chandler in May, 1777. Frisby fell sick with the measles and was taken to the hospital in Fishkill where he died on October 15, 1777.

Frisby is the 22nd Connecticut soldier and 88th soldier (and/or officer) overall to be identified. Among these 88 men are 4 Canadians, 2 African-Americans, and 1 Frenchman.

New original song written about the depot!

We are excited to share with you this new, original song written about the Fishkill Supply Depot. Prolific singer/songwriter, Rich Eilbert has captured the true essence of the American Revolution and the soldiers of Fishkill. Rich’s songs have been recognized with awards in multiple national songwriting contests including Great Lakes Songwriting, Podunk Bluegrass Songwriting, , and the Songwriters Association of Washington. A number of his songs have gone semi-viral on YouTube, his channel receiving over 140,000 unsolicited hits to date. He has released three professionally produced CDs. Closer to home, Rich founded and hosts the LOMA open mike in the Boston area, going strong for nearly 10 years.

"We fight, get beat, rise and fight again."

These words by Nathanael Greene provide us with inspiration as the Fishkill Supply Depot faces its greatest threat -- a commercial development plan that will destroy its foundations, ruins, and artifacts and replace them with a boutique hotel, commercial shopping, and a IHOP restaurant.

On April 11, 2019, Fishkill town planning officials completed their initial review of the development proposal by concluding that the archaeological potential of the Continental Army’s most important logistics base had been fully-exhausted. By declaring a “negative impact” to the site (by the proposed development), the town planning board cleared a pathway to full approval of the plan, leaving us limited time to counter their action.

Should we let our American heritage disappear in favor of retail stores? We think NOT!

Greene was not simply George Washington’s most capable general; he was the Continental Army’s Quartermaster who oversaw the supply operation at Fishkill and visited the site personally on various occasions during the war. Like Washington, Greene understood Fishkill’s strategic importance and its unique contribution to the war effort: material and supplies.

Today, I’m personally asking you for “material and supplies” to combat this development plan and prevent the Fishkill Supply Depot from becoming a lifeless historic marker found at the edge of a strip mall parking lot. Help us today by contributing to our Legal Defense Fund or what we call the “war chest.” Every dollar you donate will enable us to continue fighting for the men and women who first fought for us.

There will be no retreat!

Every donation helps


Lance Ashworth

FOFSD President

Sign and share our petition

In an effort to show community support for the opposition to Continental Commons development plan, we have initiated an on-line petition to be sent to Town of Fishkill officials. Please join the thousands of people who have signed the petition and share it with family & friends by right-clicking and copying the link, then posting it your favorite social media application.

[ George Washington's Revolutionary War site at Fishkill NY threatened by IHOP construction]

Our position on Continental Commons

Whether you have visited our site before or if it's your first time, you may be wondering, "Why Fishkill residents should oppose Continental Commons?" Written below is our official position and why we believe you should oppose further commercial expansion on the historic Fishkill Supply Depot site.


What is Continental Commons?

Continental Commons is a plan submitted to the Town of Fishkill by the Pelham, NY-based entity GLD3, LLC on July 11, 2015, which calls for the commercial development of a 10.47 acres wooded lot located on the east side of U.S. Route 9, south of the Speedway station (formerly Hess), north of the Maya Café, and across from the Dutchess Mall area. The developer acknowledges the 10.4 acre lot as a Revolutionary War site but intends to only preserve .25 acres where a Continental Army cemetery containing multiple bodies is located. Proposed for the site are an iHop restaurant, small hotel, boutique shops, and a petting zoo with live animals, the creation of which will require the destruction of over 95% of the historic site.

Why should I oppose this development plan?

The wooded lot is located at the very center of a Revolutionary War site known as the Fishkill Supply Depot that was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in January 1974. Archeological studies conducted over the past decades have shown that the wooded lot contains building foundations, countless artifacts, and various other ruins associated with the Continental Army’s occupation at Fishkill. Due to its wartime supply and logistical mission, the site’s archeological features are unique among the already preserved Revolutionary War sites. Archeological studies also identified a long-lost soldiers’ cemetery where an estimated 320 soldiers lie in unmarked graves. Independent research has identified 83 Americans, 2 Canadians, and a French soldier believed to be buried at the same spot. Commercial development will destroy unique ruins, dishonor the memory of the heroes who served (and are buried) at the site, and permanently scar the historic landscape of Fishkill.

What will happen if development is stopped?

Our group will continue to seek community engagement and partnership to secure funding, acquire the wooded lot, and preserve the site for future archeological and historic study in a format similar to the Jamestown Project in Virginia. We will also seek to acquire, study, and interpret other lots within Fishkill Supply Depot’s historic footprint so that, over time, a single historic site is created and joined to the Hudson Highlands State Park Preserve.

What can I do to help?

Contact the Town of Fishkill Planning Board (807 Route 52, Fishkill, NY 12524) and voice opposition to Continental Commons. Serve as an active volunteer with our group on projects relating to education and outreach. Most importantly, donate to our Preservation Fund that was established for the acquisition of the Fishkill Suppy Depot and other related historic properties.
Every donation helps



Above: Early 20th century view of Old Post Road (Route 9) and the grounds of the Fishkill Supply Depot (FSD). In 2009, The Friends of the Fishkill Supply Depot (FOFSD) was founded to protect what remains of this Revolutionary War treasure. We are a registered 501c(3) historic preservation organization whose mission is to preserve, study, and interpret (for public benefit) the depot site. All donations are tax deductible. Contact us at: Friends of the Fishkill Supply Depot, P.O. Box 311, Fishkill, NY, 12524 - Find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/FOFSD or email us at info@fishkillsupplydepot.org



The Timepiece

the Timepiece

Enjoy this special poem written about the soldiers' burial ground and the legacy of the historic Fishkill Supply Depot.

     It was early in the morning,
     dew wet upon the ground,
     when I saw the young boy soldier,
     standing near an earthen mound . . .
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