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December 21, 2014 - FOFSD has acquired this historical document listing the number of Revolutionary War pensioners on record in 1823, 40 years after the war ended.

"A STATEMENT of the number of Revolutionary Pensioners on the Rolls of each State and Territory of the United States, and the amount of Money receivable annually in each state, on account of said Pensioners; made in conformity with a resolution of the Senate, of the 1st of March, 1823."

note: The Distict of Columbia is referred to as simply "Columbia." To download the full-size image (1728x2304), click on the thumbnail.

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Researching the soldiers of Fishkill

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Monument to the Soldiers Monument to the Batteries
Postcard (circa 1905) depicting the original placement of the D.A.R. "Monument of the Soldiers of the War of the Revolution" in Fishkill, NY. Moved from its place near the burial ground, the monument now rests at the Van Wyck Homestead. Read the Monument Dedication Ceremonies, an insightful story from the 1897 event (a must for researchers). Another postcard (circa 1904) shows the "Monument to the Batteries" located about a mile south of the depot along Route 9. Placed by the Melzingah Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revoluton, the plaque is inscribed with the words: On the hills back of this stone stood three batteries guarding this pass 1776-1783.

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